Saturday, May 2, 2009

Neoi 906E is world's first, thinnest, most beautiful, most calculator-esque QWERTY phone

We like to keep a positive attitude around here, so we're trying not to be overly um... skeptical about this one, even though "World's" followed by anything awesome (in this case "thinnest," and "first micro sized Java J2Me hand phone") sets off a few alarms. The Neoi 906E, at least in the renders, is an exceedingly thin GSM / GPRS handset with a QWERTY keyboard, though beyond that, it's all pretty unimpressive and run of the mill. It's got an MP3 player, a camera, a microSD slot, plus some shortcut keys on the upper right of the phone, but details about its actual specs are a bit sparse. It's not clear when or where the 906E is going to be available, but it doesn't seem like Neoi plans to cut out the middle man -- the minimum order number is 500.

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