Friday, May 1, 2009

Jewel Bracelet Flash Drive for fashionable and stealthy storage

From time to time I’ve covered spy gadgets that James Bond would be happy to carry with him on any of his missions. But of course in the world of espionage, I would be remiss if I didn’t cover gadgets that any female international spy or private investigator would love to have on hand or in this case, the wrist.

The Jewel Bracelet Flash Drive is as pretty as it is a functioning USB flash drive. On the surface, the bracelet is adorned with stylish decorative crystals and comes in either a gold or silver (simulated I’m sure) faceplate. The drive is accessed by pivoting the hidden USB connector and then the flash drive can be used to either gather data or deploy software payloads.

So if any ladies out there in the covert business need a stealthy memory device such as this, the Jewel Bracelet Flash Drives comes with an 8GB memory capacity and can be purchased from Brando for only $33.

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