Friday, July 17, 2009

Leyio 16GB Flash Drive with UWB radio module

This 16 GB portable flash drive from Leyio is equipped with a UWB radio module and allows you to securely share your files with other Leyio users. Using speeds of up to 10Mbps photos, videos and other multimedia files can be transferred easily.

Leyio 16GB specifications

* 1x Leyio
* 1x USB cable
* 1x Instruction leaflet
* Storage memory: Flash memory (MLC NAND) 16GB
* Freescale arm ejs 320MHz processor
* Interfaces – An external port for mass storage USB key
- An internal USB port (occupied by the satellite)- A mini USB port for connecting to computer and/or charging battery
* 3-axis accelerometer
* UWB radio module allowing 10MB/s Leyio/Leyio transfers at 3-5m
* 1.5-inch OLED screen – 65k colors – RGB565 – 128×128
* Digital fingerprint sensor for identification and interface browsing
* Vibrate function
* Satellite that acts as a 2GB USB key
* Lithium Polymer Li-Po-3.7V Battery, 900mAh, 30-day autonomy (1)
* Rechargeable using external mini USB port.


  1. Thanks for providing the specifications about eyio 16GB Flash Drive with UWB radio module.Its really informative I was searching for this as I have to decide about buying this. But after reading this I feel that this worth spending money.
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